Car Hacking: Is your car safe on the digital road?

We live in a world of continuous technological change and transformation. We only have to look at the evolution of mobile devices. A few years ago, it was unthinkable to have the Internet in the palm of your hand. Today, we can pay our bills with a simple watch.     These technological advances have […]

PEGASUS: the spy software that worries the highest echelons of society

In the last few days new news have been appearing related to the theft of information from high political and social personalities through the use of a new spyware known as Pegasus.     Originally, this software was created by the Israeli company NSO Group with the aim of facilitating governments in the investigation and […]

What is an Ethical Hacker and what is his role?

We live in times of continuous change and technological transformation. On many occasions, these advances are not accompanied by the necessary security measures, facilitating the appearance of security breaches that can be maliciously exploited. Hacker vs. cybercriminal At this point is when the figure of the hacker appears, but what is an Ethical Hacker? It […]

ISO 22301 Standard

cybersecurity ISO 22301 Standard Cybersecurity Cyber-attacks, pandemics, heavy snowfalls, computer failures, supplier shortages, etc. Sound familiar? Every organization, regardless of its size, sector or complexity, needs to be prepared to manage and respond appropriately to disasters and business interruptions. Business continuity is the ability of an organization to guarantee the provision of its products or […]


cybersecurity HEIMDALL Intelligent Monitoring Cybersecurity EARLY DETECTION OF CYBER-ATTACKS IS NO LONGER AN OPTION. Continuous monitoring to prevent, detect and protect organizations from cybersecurity threats. HEIMDALL is the intelligent monitoring solution that ensures information security, detects threats and manages incidents in real time. simulate cyber attack Center for security operations SMARTSOC is a 24x7x365 security […]


cybersecurity Minerva Training and Awareness Cybersecurity 95% OF CYBER-ATTACKS ARE DUE TO HUMAN ERROR Cybersecurity training and awareness for enterprises MINERVA is the only comprehensive cybersecurity training and awareness program tailored to each employee profile. simulate cyber attack Different profiles, various threats MINERVA offers targeted and segmented training and awareness for the different profiles of […]

ISO 27001 Standard

cybersecurity and encryption ISO 27001 Standard Cybersecurity and Encryption ISO 27001 is an international standard that provides a framework and working atmosphere for information security management systems (ISMS). Its objective is to provide confidentiality, integrity and continued availability of information. ISO Standards To talk about these standards, we must first discuss what ISO standards are. […]


cybersecurity National Security Scheme Cybersecurity This is the regulation that establishes the security policy that must be applied to the electronic media used by the Public Administration, and establishes the security measures necessary to guarantee the security of the information. What is ENS? The National Security Scheme (ENS), regulated by Royal Decree 3/2010, of January […]


cybersecurity and encryption General Data Protection Regulation Cybersecurity and Encryption The GDPR provides protection to natural persons, regardless of their nationality or place of residence, in relation to the processing of their personal data. Are you really complying with it? What is the GDPR? Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council […]

OSV Virtual Security Office

cybersecurity and encryption OSV Virtual Security Offices Cybersecurity and Encryption MOST COMPANIES ARE SUBJECT TO AT LEAST ONE SAFETY REGULATION Comprehensive solution for regulatory compliance in Cybersecurity OSV is a comprehensive solution that consolidates and improves the information security risk requirements of organizations and complies with the various existing regulations. simulate cyber attack Regulations and […]

DORA Regulations

cybersecurity and encryption DORA Regulations Cybersecurity and Encryption The regulation Digital Operational Resilience Act, or DORA for short, has introduced a comprehensive EU-wide regulatory framework that includes rules on digital operational resilience for all financial institutions. What is DORA? On January 16, 2023, entered into force a new regulation about how financial firms manage digital […]

The Deep Web of Cyberspace: Threats in the Dark Web

Today, February 8 is International Safer Internet Day. But the Internet is like a great ocean in which, many times, we don’t know what we are going to find. In order to surf safely, we must be clear about some concepts, one of which is the “Deep Internet” or Deep Web. If you want to know what it is, this article is for you.


Family of SATCOM On The Move (SOTM) terminals for vehicular installation and stable mobile connection

SGoSat is a family of high-tech SOTM (Satellite Comms On The Move) terminals that are installed in a vehicle, providing the ability to target and maintain a stable connection to the satellite when the vehicle is in motion in any type of conditions.

The SGoSat family is composed of versatile terminals, which can be installed on any type of platform: trains and buses, military and/or government vehicles, aircraft, ships, etc. Originally designed for the military sector, SGoSat terminals are extremely reliable and robust, integrating high-performance components that comply with the most stringent environmental and EMI/EMC regulations. The product uses low-profile, high-efficiency antennas and a high-performance positioning and tracking unit, allowing the terminal to be operated anywhere in the world.

In order to meet the diverse needs of its customers, INSTER has developed single band and dual band terminals in X, Ka and Ku frequencies.

The SGoSat family of terminals can also be configured with a wide range of radomes (including ballistic options) to suit customer requirements.