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We make components for one in three transport aircrafts all over the world

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Our equipment is able to cover all the client’s needs both in the military field and in future commercial applications.

Tecnobit, that belongs to Oesia Group, is a pioneering company in the development of avionics systems.

In Tecnobit we strongly believe that we have to be always vigilant as to technology and foresee all our clients’ needs, always keeping our commitment with the quality and excellence of our products and services.

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We are leaders in the development of Avionics systems thanks to our growth and we participate in the great national and European development projects. That is how we were able to develop a wide range of our own products, we can now offer in the electronics market for the Aeronautic sector.

We design, develop, make and support avionics equipment since more than thirty years, for our own products –developed by Tecnobit from their initial phase– and for products developed by other companies and produced subsequently in Tecnobit.

And, of course, we also participate in the great European aeronautic programs, such as Eurofighter and A400M, as Main Contractor or having as clients or associates other key companies of this sector, including
BAE SYSTEMS, AIRBUS Military, Cassidian, Selex Galileo or Thales.

An example of Tecnobit’s presence in these programs is the developed equipment for Eurofighter, both on board and operation support. These equipment are of our own production (WHCU -Windscreen Heater Control Unit-, GLU -Ground Loading and Data Exchange Unit) or developed jointly with European consortia (FLIR/IRST -Forward Looking Infrared/Infrared Search and Track ,BSD -Bulk Storage Device-, ADT –Air Data Transducer)

Tecnobit is an undisputed leader in the creation of specific solutions for military transport aircrafts, one of the most important and traditional action line of our company.

Our systems are installed in one in three transport aircrafts sold every year. We are the reference provider in the audio management system (AMS),in particular, A400M’s is one of the most advanced in the market thanks to the number of its users, the number of integrated communication systems, its civil and military certification and the fulfillment of TEMPEST.

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We are at the technological forefront of the aeronautic industry for 40 years

We are leading providers of very important clients, worldwide, such as the European consortium Eurofighter, Airbus Group or Lockheed Martin. This commercial background, in addition to our solid experience, place us at the technological forefront of aeronautic industry.

The Avionics department of Tecnobit, bets on a prominent presence both in the national and global market. For that very reason, our company has especially relevant contracts with the most important multinational companies of the sector, such as Lockheed Martin; we develop for them the helicopter consoles MH60R, for maritime patrol.

On the other hand, we are responsible for the maintenance of the displays of the fighter-bomber F18 of the Spanish Air Force. Likewise, we develop the technology of infrared image loaded on the reconnaissance pod of this aircraft.