Comunicaciones Seguras

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Leadership in secure communications through voice and data encryption systems
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Tecnobit is Spain´s leading company in the field of classified information protection, especially standing out in the fields of secure tactical encryption, cipher key management and Public Regulated Service (PRS), thanks to the implementation of NATO and EU security standards, which allow the interoperability of these secure systems beyond those required purely at national level.

Tecnobits CIFPECOM is an encryption system designed for IP radios used by individual combatants requiring CONFIDENTIAL or LIMITED DIFFUSION classification levels. Small, lightweight, ergonomically designed and easy to use, CIFPECOM has been tested with excellent results for encrypting voice and data simultaneously in multicast tactical scenarios. CIFPECOM has been successfully integrated as an external security element together with the tactical radios used by the Spanish armed forces, in secure communications via the SECOMSAT satellite, in command in command and control systems such as BMS and SIMACET or with GESCOMET. In addition, CIFPECOM has also been successfully integrated with ESSOR radios, proving the compatibility of the solution with excellent performance even in mobile vehicular environments with different network configurations.

parallax layer
Decades of experience in protecting the transmission of critical data in the defense sector
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PRS Galileo

Tecnobit is the national benchmark in crypto systems for the management and distribution of NATO cipher keys. Our digital cipher key processor was designed and manufactured entirely in our NATO SECRET level facilities. This processor provides the infrastructure for the digital management of NATO keys within Spain, as well as their electronic distribution. Tecnobit also manages the necessary cipher key packages enabling platforms such as the Eurofighter to carry out their mission.

Tecnobit PRS PRESENCE secure receiver module, developed and functionally validated in 2016, has been used in a number of national pilot projects such as, for example, the validation in Antarctica of the PRS positioning on board the Hespérides polar research vessel.

Presence2, the latest generation of the PRS receiver, developed and qualified in 2020, is now undergoing certification for integration in operating platforms such as the Spanish 8×8 IFV, the F110 Frigates & the Spanish army MC3 radio system. Tecnobit is also participating in the deployment of the national management infrastructure for the Galileo system.


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