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We can define and give solutions that satisfy the objectives of brand business

Oesia Group considers the practice of Organization Consultancy and ICT as a model of relation with our clients, based on commitment, responsibility, knowledge, experience and contribution of value. That is why we focus on understanding our clients’ needs and knowing their competitive environment, considering as ours their objectives and their fulfilment. From that point on, we can define and give solutions that reach the business objectives, guaranteeing models of relation and cooperation, based on success and long-term relation.


parallax layer

The offer of the Managing IT Consulting unit of Oesia Group is structured to:

  1. Support the definition or redefinition of the strategic objectives.
  2. Create Information Systems Plans to improve the adaptation of technology to the business and its competitiveness and effectiveness.
  3. Redefine the field of running and processes of ICT, according to business priorities and other aspects of improvement and sustainability of Information Systems.
  4. Support the process of transformation or installation of future Information Systems in order to guarantee the deadlines, meet the expectative and their quality.


We develop our consultancy work in these sectors: