Effective management of technologies

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We provide infrastructures and specific programs for the optimization of the business processes

Within the field of Technologies Management, Oesia Group has established an areas network to assist, in the most effective way, the demands of the enterprises that trust our services.

In the field of technologies management, we distinguish two big areas:

  • Infrastructures: where we include the operating systems.
  • Specific Programs: necessary software for the development of the client´s business.

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Architecture and technological consultancy

Experts in platforms integration

We are responsible for the process of software construction, providing a solid infrastructure and systems so that our client can have the support of a completely transparent system. Likewise, we are experts in platforms integration.

Managed infrastructure services

Maximum reassurance for the development of your business

Oesia Group is a leading company in the support of maintenance services and the management of platforms that support the different software of our clients. So, we have services managed to give our client the maximum reassurance according to its computer programs and applications, so that he can focus on the best development of his business

Networks and communications

Flexible and efficient communications in the enterprise area

In this field, we can design the networks framework that makes the communication as quicker and more efficient as possible in the enterprise environment, so that the user can optimize the interchange of information. In this way, we build a network, we install it and we carry out the general maintenance, ending a working cycle.

Testing and software quality

Maximum effectiveness to guarantee the quality

Oesia Group has a specific department for the testing and quality checking. We apply our tests to our own developments and to the ones that the client has contracted. In this way, we guarantee that systems have the required quality.

Our main goal is to obtain the maximum quality in the created projects, using the available resources in the best way.

Support to the work position

Efficient adaptation to the clients’ needs

We give specific support to all the area related to the working positions of the big organizations to which Oesia Group provides services.

We work in different fields, supplying computer terminals and providing consultancy on the distribution of the personnel in the workplace. We adapt to the present demands, providing portable computers and mobile devices or tablets. Our leitmotiv is to offer a service in line with the client’s business.

Standardization of devices

Consolidated model in the market
As to this field, Oesia Group treasures a great experience and is very present in the field of telecommunications. We standardize the terminals software for the enterprises operating at an international level, in order to guarantee what is required by these companies.

Likewise, we certify the requirements requested by the producer so that the operating company has its terminals at its disposal for commercializing.