Business Intelligence

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Effective choices through intelligent processes

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Oesia Group makes available for the enterprises a model of Business Intelligence that is able to optimize the working processes in regards to a greater effectiveness in the client’s activity.

The companies use to have a great volume of information that take into account when it comes to make decisions and take measures. Their information sources are usually dispersed, especially in big enterprises and multinationals. In order to cope with this problem, the Business Intelligence (BI) area of Oesia Group is responsible for developing effective solutions that can help and support the decision making in the company environment, joining and making uniform all these sources by a solid and centralized vision and avoiding information islands.

We unify and make uniform the data, by creating an only warehouse or DWH (Data Warehouse) so that our client has a solid base to use when he has to act in his company by transforming the data into useful information for the analysis and support of decision making; helping to reduce costs and create new business.

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Our analytical strategies help to take efficient measures for the business development.

In the following points are detailed some of the competitive advantages to have a Business Intelligence system in an organization:

  • It helps to increase effectiveness.
  • It makes possible to get answers to the questions about the business very quickly:
  • It guarantees the making of steps with accurate and precise information for any business:
  • It will provide a better control and visibility on the different functional areas of the enterprise:
  • From production, inventory, marketing, buying, to the after-sales service, it Helps to know better our clients’ behavior:

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We are a model company as to data analysis

Presently, we are very active in the Latin American market, where we work in cooperation, as a model partner, with the giant Microsoft; together we have installed a Business Intelligence system, that has to do with the DWH development, later analysis and reporting of 11 areas of business of its main client in Costa Rica. We are now cooperating in another project where several technologies and platforms are gathered, among them a solution of Business Intelligence, in order to extract and integrate different information channels (including the social networks) so as to do, afterwards, the reporting and analysis aiming to the corporate decision making.

At the national level, we work with the Urban Center of Barcelona in its management control area. In this case, we provide a specific solution of financial reporting, focused on the optimization of its economic resources. Thanks to our work, the UCB has at its disposal a thorough and detailed control of its budgets, that makes much easier the decision making.