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Encryption System CRIPTOPER

We use our 40 years’ experience to develop new encryption systems for communications.
The CRIPTOPER system is an encoding system for voice and data communications for a tactical scenario, based on SCIP protocol, it secures communications through the satellite networks IRIDIUM and INMARSAT. CRIPTOPER is certified up to the level NATO Confidential.

SCIP protocol is an end-to-end encryption solution that is independent of the means of communication and constitutes an interoperable protocol.

The ergonomics of the system was designed for an optimal use by the dismantled soldier, and it is a ruggedized solution that can be applied in a hostile environment, is energy saving and has optimal weight. It can also be installed and operated in fixed installations.

CRIPTOPER is also supplied with a management center that can manage the users’ certificates, their update and repeal and create black lists