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We are leaders in the field of Tactical Communications thanks to our Processor
Thanks to the experience we have since the beginning of the enterprise’s activity, we have been developing products in the field of tactical communications until we reached excellence in this sector.

LINPRO (Data LINk PROcessor), is a Multi Link Processor, entirely developed by Tecnobit that has now become the standard communication link of the Spanish Navy; it is also operational in the Operation Centers of Anti-Aircraft Artillery of the Navy and in the Control Centers of Madrid, Zaragoza and Canaries that belong to the Air Force.

At this moment, it is the only processor of tactical communications that is able to work equally and at the same time in L11 A/B, L16, L22 and JRE, according to the last STANAGS editions. It is also able to forward data with different configurations and VMF abilities.


parallax layer

Tecnobit has been recognized worldwide thanks to LinPRO

LINPRO is operational since 2005; it has been used in a lot of international missions and it has always guaranteed the interoperability of communications. Thanks to it we were responsible for the renewal of the tactical communication equipment of the Dutch Navy.