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Tactical Data Link that can be personalized for NON NATO countries.
Our solution, OPENLINK, was created to satisfy the requests of the countries that need to have their navy, army and air force interconnected, in order to have a common tactical scene that leads to the coordination of all the action units.

Openlink is a processor of tactical links that has the same abilities of the systems displayed in NATO countries, but it has not export restrictions. Its use is open to countries that are not members of the treaty. It can even be personalized in order to meet the specific requirements of national security of our clients.

The OPENLINK has the same technology of our LINPRO system, the only processor of tactical communications that is able to work equally and at the same time in L11 A/B, L16, L22 and JRE, according to NATO standard protocol, and can forward data with different configurations and VMF abilities.

It can be integrated to C2 Systems; the complete integration of the Openlink tactical information to the Combat System System has been proven on operation.

One of its most relevant features is that can evolve and meet the possible future requirements, such as supporting the NATO tactical links.