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Productos TIC

Management of the Subsidized Housing

We gave access to social housing for more than 80.000 families
We give complete solutions of Subsidized Housing Management that include technology and guidance to the citizen in order to manage the registers of the applicants for subsidized housing, the description of promotions, the assignment of subsidized housing to aids management in first and further transmissions.

This solution has been installed successfully in a lot of city councils such as Melilla, Barcelona, Guadalajara and in Autonomous Communities like those of Aragon, Catalonia, Extremadura and Canaries.

At present, thanks to the great success of all these projects, we are the national enterprise leading the technological solutions as to subsidized housing.

  • We improve the citizen service with a better management and planning of housing policy.
  • We can offer more quality in information, which entails an improvement in making decisions.
  • We also offer total transparency of public management as to housing.