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Management of grants

We work for a more efficient administration of the aid funded jointly by the European Union funds.
The management area of IaSoft, public aids, a part of Oesia Group, receives the support of years of work in the field of financing grants with European Union funds.

Our Company Works with the following funds:

  • FEDER: for territorial Cooperation and Regional aids projects.
  • FSE: for applications coming from European funds.
  • FEADER: for the management of Rural Development aids.

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Thanks to our experience with many applications and programs, we have a wide, varied and useful knowledge for applying the solutions to different European Programs.

As to this field, we operate in three fundamental action lines:

  • Cooperation: Our aplication Interreg project for the management of different funds that interfere in the financing of European Territorial Cooperation aids, allowing the financial, material and documentary control and tracking of these aids.
  • FEDER and FSE funds: Management and tracking of the financial and material information of the interventions that has to do with grants funded jointly by European Union Funds, managed by different Ministries and Departments of the Autonomous Communities of Spain.
  • Rural Development: Since 1996 we actively intervene in this field where are included the groups of Local Action that are all over the country.

In all our programs we include a number of indication signs such as the created jobs, the courses that were made and the established companies. These marks are collected and are notified to the coordinating organism.