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Tourism solutions

We give the most innovating solutions in order to promote and inspire tourism.
Our solutions for promoting and inspiring the image of the territory and its tourist sources, as well as for generating, modernizing and innovating drives in the SME of the tourist sector, have made us an international model in this sector.

Our platform Smart Destination offers a new, modern and innovating vision to launch the projection of the tourist image of a town, its commercial and cultural offer and, at the same time, promotes the participation of the SME and the revitalizing tourist and cultural local agents.

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The platform Smart Destination will have advanced tools of consultancy and selection of information, temporally and spatially.

turismo_01Intelligent destination – benefits for the tourist

  • Platform for the management of the new tourist destinations of the 21st century, based on planning and sustainability
  • Promotes the incorporation of technology in the tourist´s experience
  • Improves the exploitation of the available resources
  • Increases the effectiveness when it comes to cope with the needs and behaviors of the tourists
  • It is a way to get closer and promote the territory to the users whose searching decision pattern is the offer of the destination and the possibilities given

turismo_02Intelligent destination – benefits for the town

  • Better position since the traditional management of the tourist resources changes completely through the new technologies
  • It increases the interaction of the businessmen and the town with the tourists, offering more information and creating new linked events
  • Better quality in the services offered to the tourists and visitors
  • As a result of all these, promotion of economic activity of the town