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Citizen Card

We offer all the municipal services in one single card
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Oesia Group, through experts in Public Administration, participates actively including citizens and city councils in the Citizen Card (Citizen Experience), making easier the access and the payment of the public services and simplifying their use. Oesia Group strongly pursuits to contribute to the development of our Society.

Our citizen card is an intelligent card that allows multiple uses very easily and brings to the organization efficiency and effectiveness in city councils and linked enterprises. The citizen card brings closer the city council to the citizen, improves his social image; it is an active detector of the taxpayer’s requests and simplifies the effectiveness of tax collection, avoiding fraud.

Oesia Group allows for the total personalization of the requests through an advanced system of total management with a great number of applications: each local entity is unique, that is why its citizen cards are also unique. Therefore, our citizen cards:

  • Are completely personal and personalized In accordance with each citizen and City Council.
  • Are always available. We guarantee that the system always works perfectly through an architecture tolerant to errors.
  • Are secure. We guarantee the authentication as to authorizations or Access to transport means or other services.
  • Flexibility for local entities and enterprises. There are no limits or restrictions to include new functionalities.

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Citizen Card, a complete solution and a social politics tool

The Citizen Card until now has focused on getting closer the citizens and the administrations, increasing the number of city registrations, making easier the transactions since it is a single wallet, improving the efficiency of the offered services, and at the same time, stimulating and rising the citizen’s pride of belonging.

At present, new functionalities are being included that promote the development of the social policy of administrations, adapting to the socioeconomic situation of each person or/and group of people when it comes to manage it. For example, by offering aids/food voucher, assigning personalized prices for the public services (transport, cultural services, sports facilities…), making easier the call/availability of taxis for mobility-impaired persons…

Moreover, the Citizen Card becomes an active detector of the city. The analytical data that we can get from it, help us to make better decisions when we have to modify or propose new municipal services for the citizen.