Smart Cities

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Technological solutions to manage better the Society services.

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Oesia Group considers the idea of a Smart City as an innovating and efficient way to manage the services offered by the city, in order to increase its effectiveness and sustainability.

That is why, our company develops technology and solutions for a wide range of applications within the smart cities environment.

  • Environment (Smart Environment): our goal is to reduce environmental degradation, by generating a more rational and efficient consumption of energy and natural resources.
  • Mobility (Smart Mobility): Applications for a better management of the city traffic.
  • Healthcare (Smart Healthcare): Our work in this field is focused on achieving an important improvement of the healthcare systems thanks to the application of our developments.
  • Economy (Smart Economy): We encourage the construction of new technological platforms to promote the ecommerce. (ecommerce).
  • Transparency, e-government and Open Data (Smart Government): In this area, our priority is to create interactive portals between the citizen and the public administrations so that the taxpayer can participate in the institutional management. Likewise, we want to create data web sites, of public access, that makes easy the connection between citizens and enterprises and administrations. In conclusion, improve the services offered to the citizen.

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Our applications increase significantly the sustainability and the effectiveness of the available services in the city area.

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Among our works, stands out the project of telemanagement of water supply, using smart water meters that allow for a rational use of this resource and make more efficient the service. In addition to, we are working with several enterprises in a campaign for the reduction of the environmental degradation caused by the street lighting, by implementing innovating systems of light regulation. Likewise, we are a cutting-edge enterprise in the creation of open data portals for provincial governments.