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More than 50.000 professionals use each day the technology developed by Oesia Group in the medical centers worldwide.

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Oesia Group has developed a Platform of Public Healthcare according to the social and health policies focused on improving the patient´s quality of life and installing a health Predictive Model through a personalized and participatory medicine.

Towards a predictive model that promotes the personalized and participatory healthcare

The establishment of this Predictive Model is based fundamentally on four elements:

  • Division of patients
  • Strengthening of the managing ward
  • Remote Follow-up and Monitoring
  • Patient´s involvement

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The Platform of Public Healthcare includes all the assistance levels: primary healthcare, specialized and social services.

Going from a reactive healthcare to a preventive and predictive one, brings multiple benefits for the patient and the administrations:


  • More independence
  • Personalized assistance
  • Check of his evolution and access to his healthcare record
  • Preventive medicine


  • Better checking of the patient
  • Guarantee of a personalized and continuous healthcare
  • Expenses saving
  • Preventive actions