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We bring the technology of Movistar TV to more than 2 million of clients all over the world

Oesia Group is very much present in this field, both nationally and internationally, where our high level experience and knowledge achieved for more than 15 years developing solutions for our clients, is our best guarantee.

A large career in the field of telecommunications made us reach high levels of maturity in the OSS and BSS areas, as well as in network technologies and systems, where we work with two models.

In Oesia Group we brought together our services based on the knowledge acquired:

  • Standardization and certification of terminals and cards, to the world of apps and the user experience. We have started to develop projects for the future with the new topologies of the mobile networks.
  • We are aware of the changing nature of this sector, so we work deeply in innovation projects in the M2M field, creating applications for domestic and business use.
  • Another specialization line is oriented towards the Roaming processes, where we cover all the administrative process (opening, negotiation and closing of the agreement between the operator companies) as well as the technical one (interworking, planning, monitoring and supervision, and the operation and maintenance of the re-addressing platform too)
  • We also work in the world Digital Media, having a detailed knowledge of the multimedia field (IPTV, OTT) and developing projects for the integration of platforms. This field opens to us a door to the future, with plans for the monetization of the services for our clients, through linear and programmatical marketing, and the management of the platform contents, offering solutions of Real Time Bidding (management of the bidding platforms in real time of spaces for different publishers)
  • Oesia Group provides Advanced Network Services watching the whole process from the design and test of products and equipment, to the control and unfolding of FTTH network. We have also specialized equipment for the Centers of Customer Service, Support, Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring of the Network.
  • As to the Telco Software universe, we integrate commercial solutions and carry out development according to our clients, in the main core processes fields of the operators (OSS and BSS), having a detailed knowledge of the processes and method eTOM.
  • We apply the main commercial solutions and open source to Big Data & Analytics.
  • Another field, where the implementation is rising, is the Oesia Group expertise in Cloud solutions; we have a specific competence center for virtualization solutions and we are the first Company in Spain in OpenStack certifications

parallax layer