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We manage the business risks from our CiberSOC providing 360º Security services.

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Oesia Group has been developing for more than a decade its services and solutions on Cybersecurity, combining the strategy with our clients’ business. So we offer 360º Security services that identify and give solutions to the strategic and operational needs.

  • Ethics is our service of continuous audit and insecurity management that we complete with advanced services of Ethical Hacking, pen test and code audit and Applications.
    We are experts in audit and adaptation to PCI-DSS.
  • We are consultants as to risks management and Cybersecurity strategy. We prepare plans for security, introduction, and SGSI management, plans for business continuity and adaptation to the regulations.
    Our PMO service, of security office, bring together what is needed for the management of the security function.
  • We are architects of Cybersecurity. We design, move, consolidate and install advanced solutions to the Cybersecurity infrastructure, identifying the needs of cost-benefit of our clients and selecting the most advanced technologies, since we have important agreements with the main producers of this sector.
  • We are experts in managed security. .From our CiberSOC, certified in ISO 27001, we direct and manage the outsourcing of, part or all, the security of our clients’ systems. We have a solid experience in monitoring, operating and managing the risk in security infrastructures, thanks to our 360º surveillance service. We cooperate with several CERT and we use the information in order to transmit to our clients what is related to Cybersecurity. In this way, we increase our capacity to detect insecurities.

parallax layer

The kind of risks and threats we face are at boiling point and that is why Oesia Group, in order to take the challenge, is now in a dynamic process of innovation.

Always side by side with our clients, we have developed our services aiming and investing on the future bets:

  • Inteligence: Our CiberSOC service includes the analysis of external information sources such as corporate data found in Deep web, social networks, study of the relations between persons and companies, as well as ATP research.
  • Simulation of cyberwarfare. SIMOC is our simulator of cyberattacks and cyber defense, already used by some armies. The product aims at the making of strategic decisions, based on the performance of the critical infrastructures, as well as at the testing of platforms and infrastructures. It has advanced functions regarding the training of the personnel in Cybersecurity.
    SIMOC is completed by our Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity.