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Tecnobit is an indisputable reference in the creation of specific solutions for communications satellites and for other general-purpose satellites.
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We try to find new areas in which to apply the knowledge and assets acquired by our company in the development of military avionics over the years, since several of the technologies in which Tecnobit – Grupo Oesía is a leader in the defense electronics sector, are suitable for the application in the space sector, hence their continued work to transfer their experience to this new area by offering lower cost solutions for this sector.

We are pioneers in the development of electronics for space applications, due to the knowledge acquired on component engineering, participating in large programs such as the development of the first active Ku-band antenna in Europe. In this way we have been able to develop a range of our own solutions that we can offer to the aerospace market.

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We carry out the design, implementation, verification, and integration, both for our own products (developed by Tecnobit from its initial phase) and products developed by other companies and subsequently produced at Tecnobit.

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Our partners are the key companies in the sector, among which we can count HISPASAT, AIRBUS, CASA ESPACIO, etc …

Examples of Tecnobit’s presence in space programs: the development and production of the ICU unit for the ELSA communications antenna for the Hispasat 36W-1 satellite. As well as the development of the EBOX on-board computer which is flying since September 2020 and allows Tecnobit exhibit TRL9 for such demanding unit.

Tecnobit – Grupo Oesía’s Space division is committed to a notable presence in both the national and world markets. For these purposes, our company has contracts of special importance with multinationals of the size of Hispasat, Airbus, for whom we develop the control, power, and processing electronics for the active antennas.

We have developed electronics to operate uninterruptedly under radiation conditions for 15 years: fault immune processors, power supplies, hot redundant topologies, communications electronics.

At Tecnobit we are clear that we must be on continuous technological alert and anticipate the needs of our customers, always maintaining our commitment to the quality and excellence of our products and services.