Security and Defense

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We are world leaders in key sectors of security and defense

We are a Spanish company that is present in this sector for more than 40 years and during this time it has become a reference model in several sectors, both in national and international markets.

Tecnobit, the department of advanced technology of Oesia Group, is specialized in electronics for the sectors of aerospace, security and defense; our main business areas are those of Avionics, Optronics, Tactical Communications and Secure Communications, Inhibition and Simulation.

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We have been designing solutions and systems for 40 years, innovating and using cutting-edge technology.

Thanks to our ability to innovate and to our bet on key technologies, every day we establish more and more our position in the national and international market, guaranteeing our leadership as providers of products developed on our own. At present, we offer the most innovating solutions to the demanding requests of our clients, through our main activities of designing, developing, producing and maintaining the equipment and systems.

We do not just design and produce the equipment, but we stay close to our clients during all the life cycle of our equipment so as to get the most profit of it, supporting its operation and maintenance, and training the staff for its use. Thanks to all this, we reach the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency for our systems.

Our core idea is to keep the Quality and the Excellence in our solutions bringing Competitiveness, Flexibility, Proximity, Trust and Cooperation.

These values are the base of our success during 40 years and we want to keep growing and bringing new solutions and services in this sector.